360 Degree U-shaped Wireless Toothbrush

Item No.: GT-017
Product parameters
Color: White+Blue, Whit+Green
Size: Color Box:130*170*70
Material: Food Grade Silicone
Bristle Type: Soft
Waterproof: IPX7
Power supply: Wireless Induction
Charging time: 3 hours
Three major upgrades :

1, power upgrade: stable amplitude to achieve the best brushing effect

Angela Ultrasonic 360 ° intelligent automatic toothbrush in the original basis, after nearly 10,000 times the vibration test, and ultimately fixed to achieve the best brushing effect and stable amplitude vibration frequency! No need to worry about brushing teeth there will be dead ends, to ensure clean every corner of the teeth! ,

2, toothpaste liquid to upgrade to toothpaste capsules

Toothpaste solution upgrade to toothpaste capsules! Used up, more convenient, less cumbersome operation, and more safety and health. To ensure maximum comfort brushing your teeth, easy life.

3, precise control of toothpaste liquid volume

Each toothbrush is just right amount of toothpaste liquid, it will not cause too much waste, it will not appear less liquid brush dirty condition! More scientific and technological products to ensure that you use the perfect experience!