Pink rose quartz Natural Jade roller

Item No.: GF-R042
Product parameters
Color: Green, Pink
Size: Roller:145*55*35mm Piece: 85*55mm
Material: 100% nature rose quartz
Weight: 70g-150g
Motor vibrate HZ: Handmade
Power supply: No need

Product Function:

1.100% natural rose quartz, touch and feeling cool,FAKE ONE COMPENSATE TEN
2.Every product will be checked carefully (100% full-inspection)
3.Easy to use, big rollers for face, smaller one for eye
4.For Face Line & Neck Line & Remove Double Chin, help to slimming down your face
5.Can also be used to massage the neck area to improve blood regulation & smoothen neck muscles
6.The double hoop can be used for massaging of the cheeks
7.The sole / single hoop can be for massaging of chin, areas around the eyes, forehead etc