Portable Iontophoresis Face Massager

Item No.: GF-218
Product parameters
Color: white, pink
Size: 15.1*4.1*3.5cm
Material: ABS
Weight: 15g
Motor vibrate HZ: 8500 times/ min
Power supply: CR 2032 Button battery

Product Function:


low frequency micro vibration wave,activates the skin blood capillary and enhances the cell viability.

2.Positive ion output:

expel the toxins long accumulated in the skins and lighten the pigmentation of the skin,improve the lymphatic system and filtrate the purification system.

3.Negative ion input:

fast import the essence;it goes directly into the deep skin to activate basal cells,which improve the blood circulation,eliminate the eye bags and swelling,decrease the eye crow's feet.

4.Anti-wrinkling firming:

stimulate generation of the skin collagen,restore the elastic fibers of skin,increase the skin elasticity to firm the loose skin and decrease wrinkles.

5.Relief:Mcro-current ion vibration massage can relieve the skin fatigue.